Jazzin Around 2 – Piano


Easy to intermediate – Grade 1-4/5.

Designed to be a pleasure to play – and educational.

AMEB, ANZCA and other exam listings. Ideal extra list or leisure pieces.

Jazzin’ Around 2  is available as Book & CD, Book, CD or Download (PDF).


Jazzin Around 2 – Piano

The pieces in the Jazzin’ Around for Piano series contain a wealth of stylistic devices, techniques and ideas for the aspiring jazz (or classical) pianist. All are accessible, fit beautifully under smaller hands and make attractive repertoire for recitals, exams or simply leisure. Each album may be played as a suite or the pieces individually or in any combination across the set.

Book & CD Broad range of contemporary styles – march, swing (x 2), rag, pop, Latin, ‘standard’ jazz, boogie. Fully notated with fingering, articulation, phrasing, pedaling etc; ‘catchy’ melodies and modern chord voicings; chord symbols on appropriate pieces; with CD.
Book As above.
CD Steinway demonstration; backing tracks in 3 tempos; includes SMF midi data backings; invaluable practice and performance tool – speeds up learning and makes it more fun! Includes Triplet Falls solo and backing.






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Book & CD, Book, CD, Download Book Only, Download Part 1 Breezin Solo, Download Part 2 Two Part Intention Solo, Download Part 3 Raggy Blues Solo, Download Part 4 Little Song Solo, Download Part 5 Study in Latin Solo, Download Part 6 Count Basics Solo, Download Part 7 Triadic Excursion Solo, Download Part 8 Standard Procedure Solo, Download Part 9 Bop a Beatin Boogie Solo